Taiwan Golf & Country Club

Founded in 1919, Taiwan Golf Club was Taiwan’s first ever golf course and boasts magnificent views and top-notch facilities, making it one of the world’s prominent, iconic golf courses.

Situated in Tamsui, New Taipei City, the venue shares proximity with Fort San Domingo, Oxford College, and Christ’s College Taipei, creating a historic hub where humanities and cultures converge.

Throughout the historical trajectory of its development from Japanese colonization, warfare, and the recovery of Taiwan from Japan, Taiwan Golf Course has raised world-renowned players and is ranked among the world’s top fifty leading golf courses, thanks to the tireless dedication of the founders and stakeholders.

Surviving two centuries is not easy for a golf course. The resort is dedicated to being a cradle for potential elite players in the world, hoping to match the fullest spirit of Tamsui and make the course one of Taiwan’s precious historical assets.

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