Member Privileges

  • An application form to apply for membership should be filled out with a referral from at least two existing members with voting rights. Applications will first be screened for eligibility. Those eligible will be posted on our bulletin for 10 days before being reviewed by our Member Committee.

  • Upon approval by our Member Committee, applications will be submitted to the Council for final decision. In case of objection by three or more of the council directors present at the vote, the application will be denied. Denied applicants are not allowed to submit another application for 12 months from the date of denial.

Membership fees (in NT dollars)

CATEGORY membership fee membership feeannual feedeposit
Honor membershipN/AN/AN/A
Sponsoring membershipN/ANT$13,000N/A
Lifetime membershipNT$ 5 million (one-time payment)N/AN/A
General membershipVariesNT$13,000N/A
Military general membershipNT$250,000NT$13,000NT$950,000
Dependents membershipNT$1.5millionNT$13,000 (from January 1st, 2016)​​N/A
Family membershipNT$250,000NT$13,000N/A
Weekday membershipN/ANT$13,000N/A
Group membershipGroup membershipNT$15 millionNT$52,000NT$35million

Miscellaneous fees:

LockerNT$4,000 (Annual)Assigned lockers for men and women
LockerNT$60 (per time)Men's Locker
Women's Locker:10,000元
GreenNT$0Management fee NT$400
Green for group membersNT$1050on weekdays
NT$1,250 on weekends

Transfer fees

Categorytransfer chargeentertainment tax(10%)Sales tax(5%)total
Membership transfer for individual membersNT$250,000Inclusive Inclusive NT$250,000
Membership transfer for members with family membersNT$350,000InclusiveInclusiveNT$350,000
Membership inheritanceNT$250,000InclusiveInclusiveNT$250,000
Family members(inheritance, transfer)NT$120,000InclusiveInclusiveNT$120,000
  • Game registration fees cannot be refunded if the registered member is absent from the game for any reason. Registration fees for the games will be charged to each member’s account by the end of the month.

  • The membership fee is collected annually and should be paid between July 1 and July 31

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